What to wear for Family Sessions

10 tips for What to Wear for Family Pictures

It’s a little overwhelming to dress the entire family for pictures and make it all look good!  Here are 10 tips to think about when putting your family’s outfits together…

1.  Take some time to plan it out

Think about what look and feel you want the photos to have.  Go online to get inspiration, look at ideas on sites like Pinterest. Do you want a vintage or more modern and simplistic look?  Do you want to be more casual or dressy?  I usually lean towards a more casual look, so I go for clothes that are nice, but have a more lived-in, timeless look.  Shop your closet…I often forget this one, but there may be a great outfit you’ve forgotten about…no need to buy one!

2. Pick a color scheme

It helps to have complementary colors, so picking a color scheme you like works best.  I would say 2-3 main colors (for example – tan, gray and blue or blue white and yellow) and then adding some pops of colors looks really good in photos.  If you’re planning on hanging the pictures in your home, you might find inspiration there.  What colors do you decorate with?  What colors make you feel good? Clothing stores are also good places to spark ideas for selecting your colors.

3.  Don’t try to match everyone

Sure, if you have some adorable little ones, matching can be totally cute, but usually matching everyone in the picture just doesn’t work.  The pictures can look dated as this trend has passed.  For example, have some wear collared shirts, while others don’t.  If you want your photos to have character and depth then coordinate, don’t match your outfits! This also lets everyone put a little piece of their personality in the picture.

4.  Go for classic if you can

You will have your photos hanging on your walls for years to come so keep it simple and classic to make them more timeless.

5.  Think texture and layers

I think it adds dimension to have some texture and layering in your outfits.  For the boys, that’s usually a couple of shirts – maybe a plain tee under a cool checked shirt, knit sweater for vest.  For the girls that could mean a skirt, shirt, sweater, tights and maybe a hair accessory.  A striped scarf over a plain shirt is a great layering piece without adding too much.

6.  Limit patterns

I personally like to see a little pattern in the clothes we choose for photos, but too much can ruin the look all together.  A couple of the members could wear complementary patterns in varying sizes, but all would just be too much, try to avoid thin stripes on shirts as they photograph funny sometimes, I’m sure you’ve seen this happen on television…

7.  No graphics

Your little one might love his superhero shirt, but graphics can be very distracting in a photo…just say “no” 🙂 Please try to avoid any logo type shirts, or shirts with writing on them.

8.  Accessories can add a lot

Scarves, necklaces, hats, hair bows, and socks can also bring a lot to your images.  It’s that finishing touch that brings everything together.  This is also where you can add your pops of color.  We usually have the girls wear a colored headband, belt or bow that matches each other if we want to bring the color scheme all together.

9.  Lay it out and take a pic

I love using this one!  Laying everyone’s outfit out on the floor the way they are going to wear them and seeing all the colors and textures next to each other tells you a lot!  It helps see the whole picture (no pun intended :).  This way you’re not guessing what it will look like in the end.  Taking a picture of what you laid out is even better.  You can see how the family will look without dressing everyone in their clothes or even having to be in the same room!  For a busy family, this is a time and hassle savor!

10. Consider your background

Where are you taking pictures?  Is it more industrial or urban…or out in nature?  What you choose to wear should somewhat go with your setting.

{Bonus tip:   don’t forget the makeup!  – Yep, that’s right mom, don’t forget to think about your makeup!  And don’t be afraid to put on a little more than usual.  It’s true what they say, you need a touch more makeup to make your face come to life on camera 🙂 }

Putting together outfits for the whole family can be a bit of work, but with these 10 easy tips for what to wear in family pictures, I’m sure you’ll all look amazing!

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