Frequently asked questions is a list that will be updated from time to time as questions from clients arise, if you have any question that’s not currently in this list, please contact me directly at karen@lavoie.co.za or 082 9222 064.

Cake Smash sessions:

Q: What is included in the Cake Smash session?

A : Shooting time & editing of booked session, basic colour setup with, bunting flags, balloons or other decor. Tub or bath & water for cleanup photos, bubble bath and bubbles. Flash disk with your digital images.

(I always suggest not to have too many distractions because the child looks at the decor instead of the cake which should be the main focus point)


Q: What should I provide and bring along to the Cake Smash session?

A:  Please bring along 1 x outfit for the shoot, cake, bath towel & extra clothes. (I will soon add some suppliers details for these types of outfits)


Q: Could you suggest a supplier for baking a Cake Smash cake?

A:  Maryna’s Dream Cakes is situated in Middelburg and supplies Cake Smash Cakes from R150 – R250 (dependant on amount of detail etc). Please book in advance (2 – 3 weeks) to avoid disappointment. Please mention La Voie Photography as your referral. Link to facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/maryna.malan.10?fref=ts . Please contact Maryna directly to arrange for your angel’s special cake: Maryna Malan: 073 463 5100.



Q: Will parents and siblings be allowed in some of the photographs?

A:  If you would like to be in the photographs, you are more than welcome, there will be an additional charge of R100 for every extra person in the photos. Max 4 people, otherwise this becomes another type of shoot all together, which I will quote on separately.


Q: Where are Cake Smash sessions done?

A:  Most of the time, Cake Smash sessions are done outdoors, it can get quite messy……but if weather does not permit, or your idea for the shoot better suits a studio shoot, I do have facilities for a studio session.


Q: What happens if weather doesn’t permit an outdoor session?

A:  Then I will inform you of an alternative venue in time.

Newborn sessions:

Q: What is the difference between the types of sessions, that I can book?

A : The type of session you book will depend on your specific situation, if you require only photos of your newborn, a studio session might suite you. If you have older     children that you would like to include in the session, a lifestyle (more non styled session) in the comfort of your home could suite you more. I will always take some individual photos of baby alone even if it’s at your home. I bring along baskets & props & use the backgrounds available.

Q: How should I prepare before the newborn session?

A : – Please bath your baby and dress loosly in comfortable clothing and blanket according to weather conditions.
– Use lotion like Aqueous cream, please don’t use Vaseline as this will attract unwanted fibers.
– Bring extra formula if you are bottle feeding.
– Try to keep baby awake before session.
– Give a large feeding before session to make sure baby is very drowsy.
– Depending on the weather, make sure you are dressed so you can remove clothes if you become too hot during the session, as the room will be heated up to about               25°C to keep your baby’s body temperature at a constant level.

Q: What can I expect during the newborn session?

A : – For safety purposes I will require one of the parents to assist me at all times.
– All items used during a session is washed/sterilised before the next session to ensure healthy newborns.
– Feeding, diaper changes and burping might be required during the session to ensure a happy fast asleep newborn.
– Posing is always done with the utmost safety in mind and if the baby is not comfortable doing a certain pose, they will never be forced into it.

Q: What can I expect after the newborn session?

A :  – You will receive a link to an online gallery within a couple of days for you to choose the specific images you would like to be edited and retouched.
– The images loaded onto this gallery is very basically edited, the final images you receive will be completely edited and retouched.
– Final images will be available approximately 2-4 weeks after your session.
– Canvasses, photobooks & prints will be ordered from your choice of photos.

Please don’t hesitate to ask, if you have any further questions.