Maternity Shoot Tips


When should I book my maternity shoot?

Good photographers are often booked up well in advance so I recommend that you make your booking at least 3 months prior to your session date.  The session can be done between 32 and 35 weeks of your pregnancy (after that you may be too uncomfortable or too close to your due date).


Photography Style

It is important to decide what style of photography you prefer and book a photographer that specialises in that particular style of photography.  I have a natural & styled approach to my maternity sessions and am a natural light photographer. Most of my work is done on location outdoors.


Most photographers can make useful locations suggestion with consideration of light, preferences, weather and more, however sometimes it can be special to do a session at a location that has sentimental value to the parents.

What to wear:

Colour Contrast Guide

My golden rule:  Compliment. Don’t match. Contrast brings depth and dimension to photo’s so avoid wearing all white or matching tops and bottoms.

Ria & Leon Maternity Shoot 20160528-LVE_1755-Edit-2

Brights vs. Neutrals

You do not always have to shy away from bright colours.  It can bring excitement, personality and fun to your session.  Just avoid the ‘rainbow effect’ by having everyone in different, bright colours.



Try to avoid pictures or logo’s that may date. You want your photographs to be timeless.  Patterns can however, like colour, create an interesting focal point if worn correctly – just don’t go pattern crazy!

Danelle & Gert Maternity - La Voie Photography, 20150809-LVE_9828

Accessories & Props

Scarves, hats, bright boots, belts, jewellery etc. are always fun and can bring out your personality. A fun idea is for your accessories to draw out or compliment something your partner is wearing. Accessories should however bring that small point of difference and not dominate. Props can provide something to interact with during your session, but make sure they are simple and meaningful.


Layers & Textures

Wearing layers will allow you to create different looks without a wardrobe change. Textures can be worn with neutral colours in much the same manner as patterns.  Textures like tweed or crochet can bring beautiful depth and character to your images.



It is important that you wear comfortable shoes, however don’t underestimate the importance of shoe style and choice as they can make or break an outfit.  If uncertain, bear foot is best!

Be Game!

The best shoots are the ones where the mom-to-be and her partner are game.  If you are near water, you need to make peace with the fact that you will most probably get a bit wet..  If you are in the field, chances are you will meet with a couple of thorns or ants.  So make the effort and bring those towels, dry clothes and walking shoes.

Creating vs. Capturing Beauty

As a maternal photographer I firmly believe that I do not create beauty.  I simply capture it as it flutters by my lens.  So my most important tip:  interact and have fun with your partner and other children if applicable – that’s when the real magic happens!

Some quick ideas and colour schemes:


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